Cycling in Krakautal

Countless approved and well signposted mountain-bike trails to some of the most stunning viewpoints and cosiest mountain huts in the region guarantee varied and breathtaking tours for bikers of every level, from beginner to freak.  

Listen carefully enough and you can hear the soul of the valley
Romantic old farms, traditional ornate shrines, wooden benches in idyllic clearings and the bubbling of a mountain stream encourage you to unwind, take a deep breath and simply enjoy.  

Gentle cycle routes will lead you through Krakau on quiet country roads. Discover the charm of the three climatic sp villages of Krakauebene, Krakaudorf and Krakauschatten leaving the stress and strains of everyday life behind you.    

After a long day in the saddle, the valley bus will bring you back to the start of your tour.

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