Styrian Krakau

Europe's highest E-Bike Region

Health-conscious Krakautal presents: Europe's highest BionX E-Bike Region together with the district of Lungau.

200 e-bikes, 1.200 km bike trails, 100 charging stations, 70 hire partners. 

Hire and charging centres in Krakautal:

  • Restaurant Guniwirt, Krakaudorf 0 3535 8239
  • Restaurant Heimathaus, Krakaudorf 0 3535 72243
  • Restaurant Jagawirt, Krakauschatten 0 3535 8260
  • Hotel Stigenwirth, Krakauebene 0 3535 8270
  • Restaurant Schallerwirt, Krakauebene 0 3535 8334
  • Additional charging stations:
    Karlhütte in Krakauebene/Etrachsee; Schattensee in Krakauschatten

    • Daily rate, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. € 25,-- (Photo ID required)
    • Discount for Krakau guest card holders and for locals 20%
    Included in the price are cycling helmet, cycling map, charging equipment and rucksack.


    There are different types of cycles available from sporty to hobby models. 

    After charging the bikes have a range of about 50 km making cycling tours to local places of interests and sights further afield possible. For mountain bike tours cross e-bikes are also available.  

    Krakau E-Bike Round Tour

    Pure natural and cultural pleasure.
    450 m of altitude are covered over 23 kilometres of gentle e-biking.

    From the Tourist Office in Krakauebene - Etrachsee (stop off) - back to St. Ulrich's Curch (visit) - on to Krakaudorf and the Gem Garden (visit). Then it's downhill all the way to Seebach and then uphill to Krakauschatten - Unteretrach to the "Steirischen Herrgott" shrine (visit).

    Via Oberetrach and Moos on to the "Sägefest" market festival at the Klausnerbergsäge (stop off). Here you'll have a chance to rest and enjoy local homemade delicacies accompanied by traditional music. We invite you to a drink before we set off on the last 2 kilometres back to the starting point.

    Guided e-bike tour

    guided tour with a stop off for refreshments at the Sägefest market festival, every Tuesday inJuly and August. Please sign up for the tour at the Krakauebene Tourist Office by 6 p.m. on Monday.

    Departure: 10 a.m. at the Krakauebene Tourist Office
    Cost: € 28,--
    Price includes: local guide, admission fees, 1 drink at the market festival e-bike rental for the entire tour.
    Minimum no. of participants: 3 persons of 16 years or older

    0 3535 8606

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