Fisching in Krakautal

Enviting lakes: Schattensee, Etrachsee, Badesee

Fishing on Schattensee

Fischen am Schattensee

Restaurant Tauernwirt and the fishermen's hut on Lake Schattensee, Tel.:03535/8342

season: end of May to mid October
bait: no live bait allowed
minimum size: pike 50 cm, carp 35 cm, other non-predatory fish 35cm
catch limit: 1 fish per daily licence
price: EUR18,00

Fisching on Etrachsee & Etrachbach Lakes

Fischen am Etrachsee & Etrachbach

Mrs. Christine Dobias - Landhaus Etrachsee, Tel.: 03535 8377

(size: 10 ha, depth: up to 4 m)
The reeded northern shore and the Etrachbach steam are protected (fishing is allowed from the lake outlet to a mill about 4 km upstream) restrictions: catch cannot be kept (fish can be bought locally). On the lake fishing is allowed from the shores or from a boat.
season: from 1st May to 20th September
minimum size: 24 cm.

Fischen am Badesee in Krakaudorf

Fischen am Badesee in Krakaudorf

Restaurant Heimathaus: 03535 72243 or Krakaudorf local council: 03535 8202

fish stock: trout, char
bait: live bait not allowed
season: May to October
catch limit: 3 fish per daily licence
price: EUR18,00

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