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Styrian Krakau: as diversified as it is beautiful;

Nestled between the Sölkpass and the Preber Peak lies the hiking region known as Styrian Krakau. With countless summits, Alpine lakes, mountain pastures dotted with small cosy hut restaurants and unspoiled flora and fauna, Styrian Krakau is considered a real insider tip for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Between the peaks, dales such as the Prebertal, Rantental and Etrachtal Valleys soften the craggy and rugged landscape and provide excellent views of the surrounding mountains as well as forming a natural basin for pure, crystal-clear Alpine lakes.

The varied walks range from gentle strolls through the charming villages and walks to local energy spots in the valleys, fascinating cultural expeditions, guided themed walks, hiking tours to mountain pastures and the typical huts and Alpine lakes to challenging mountain tours to the majestic summits.   

Here a summary of the most popular summits:
Preber (2.740 m), Roteck (2.742 m), Tockneralm (2.357 m), Predigtstuhl (2.545 m), Ruprechtseck (2591 m), Hubenbauertörl (2.051 m), Bauleiteck (2.424 m), Süßleiteck (2.507 m) uvm.

Gentle walks which help you unwind and clear your mind:
The local nature trail, Schattensee Lake, Prebersee Lake, Rudolf Schoberhütte mountain hut restaurant, Wildkarseen Lakes, Grazerhütte mountain hut restaurant, Prebertal Valley, Möslhütte mountain hut restaurant, Prebertörl natural beauty spot, Rantental Valley, Ebenhandlhütte mountain hut restaurant, Rantensee, Rantentörl natural beauty spot, bathing lake & Kalvarienberg sacred hill in Krakaudorf and much, much more.

Certified Hiking Village - " das Wanderdorf"

Being officially certified as an "Austrian Hiking Village" is a seal of approval from the experts and a quality guarantee which only villages are awarded that fulfil certain criteria:  

  • intact, natural village character
  • accommodation in different categories
  • a hiking information centre
  • a transfer service to starting and finishing points
  • Krakau offers all the necessary facilities for a perfect hiking holiday and is therefore one of a chosen few Styrian villages that can call itself a Hiking Village.

    "Rustic & congenial"

    After your hike why not pop by the small farmers market festival at the Klausnerbergsäge. From July to September every Thursday from 2 p.m.

    Entry free!

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