Nordic Walking

Vigerous walks through Krakautal

Here in Styria's first certified  Nordic Walking Centre (NWO) guided walking tours and courses with qualified NWO instructors are organised weekly. 

On the UKK Walking Test (2 Kilometres in walking pace) your personal fitness index is analysed and targets for your personal and healthy Nordic walking training are set.  

  • Kalvarienberg Tour (4 km) in Krakaudorf
  • Panorama Round Walk (4,3 km) in Krakauebene
  • Etrach Round Walk (4,1 km) in Krakauschatten

We provide perfect Nordic walking trails for both summer and winter guests.

  • Guided Nordic Walking Tours

    2 km walking test instructruction as well as introductionary courses with a qualified NWO instructor on request at the Krakautal Tourist Office.

    0 3535 8606

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