Themed Nature Trails


Hunters' walk

with local hunters through the Prebertal Valley

Tourist Office Krakautal: 0 3535 8606


Marsh walk

guided tour through the mystic Überlinger Marsh

Tourist Office Krakautal: 0 3535 8606

Lama walk Bild:© GH Guniwirt

Lama walk

Children's adventure walk with treasure hunt

Restaurant Guniwirt: 0 3535 8239

Nature trail in Krakauschatten

Energy point walk

Certain beauty spots are said to be true energy sources, where natural vitality is set free. Walk with us to these special places and recharge your batteries with nature's help

Restaurant Jagawirt: 0 3535 8260

Getting to know Krakautal

Orientation walk

to help you find your way around more easily

Stigenwirth: 0 3535 8270

Torch-lit walk through Krakautal with a view of the Preber Peak

Torch-lit walk

including the traditional, warming tot of schnapps

Stigenwirth: 0 3535 8270


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Di, 07.Juli 2020, Abend 15.9° C Di, 07.Juli 2020 Abend 0mm Niederschlag
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