Cross-country skiing trails

With the Styrian Nordic skiing seal of approval

The Styrian cross-country skiing seal of approval, which is only awarded to the very best Nordic ski regions in Styria, guarantees pure cross-country skiing pleasure at every level.  

The ski centres "Jagawirt" and "Klausnerberg" lieat the very heart of a network of trails which lead you through unspoiled, pristine countryside. A free shuttle bus takes brings you to and from the ski centres.

altitude: 1.100 m - 1.500 m, trails: 4, total length: 20 km,
skating: 5 km, classic: 20 km, easy: 5 km, intermediate: 15 km, 
ski school: 1, equipment hire: 1

Alois Stadlober on the Styrian cross-country skiing seal of approval

Krakau belongs to an elite group of Styrian cross-country skiing regions which have been awarded the Styrian cross-country skiing seal of approval.  

What does this mean for our guests?
Firstly, the dimensions of the trails are stipulated; they have to be at least 5 km long and 4 - 6 m wide. Another important stipulation is that classic and skating trails have to be separated.  

The trails are classified in three different categories and these must be clearly marked. Safety measures are made and when necessary trails are closed to protect skiers from hazards and potential dangers.

Further parameters are piste preparation standards, controls, markings and orientation as well as providing suitable sanitary facilities, litter bins, adequate car parking space, environmental protection and the supplying of information. All these factors are vital for unspoiled enjoyment of the sport in the magnificent winter landscapes of Styria.     

Yours, Alois Stadlober 

Alois Stadlober is multiple Austrian cross-country skiing champion, he participated is 5 Olympic Games, became World Champion at the championship games in Ramsau in 1999, is World Champion in the 4x10 km relay (with Michail Botwinow, Markus Gandler and Christian Hoffmann) and won a silver medal over 10 km classic.

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-6.3° C


Fr, 13.Dezember 2019, Nachmittag -2.4° C Fr, 13.Dezember 2019 Nachmittag 4mm Niederschlag
Fr, 13.Dezember 2019, Abend -2.1° C Fr, 13.Dezember 2019 Abend 2.5mm Niederschlag
Fr, 13.Dezember 2019, Nacht -2.5° C Fr, 13.Dezember 2019 Nacht 0.1mm Niederschlag
Sa, 14.Dezember 2019, 0.6° C Sa, 14.Dezember 2019 0.7mm Niederschlag
So, 15.Dezember 2019, 2.3° C So, 15.Dezember 2019 0mm Niederschlag
Mo, 16.Dezember 2019, 3° C Mo, 16.Dezember 2019 0mm Niederschlag
Di, 17.Dezember 2019, 4.6° C Di, 17.Dezember 2019 0mm Niederschlag
Mi, 18.Dezember 2019, 5.4° C Mi, 18.Dezember 2019 0.2mm Niederschlag
Do, 19.Dezember 2019, 4.7° C Do, 19.Dezember 2019 1.7mm Niederschlag