Ski touring and winter walks

Step-by-step ascents and invigorating descents!

The mountaineering skiing region "Styrian Krakau" is loved by discerning enthusiasts who return year after year.
From simple tours with short climbs to high altitude tours with sheer endless descents everything is possible. The Preber Peak (2.740 m) and the Tockneralm Peak (2.457 m) are two of the most popular skiing mountains in Salzburg and Styria.

Winter's with poor snow conditions? Not here!

Winter walks in Krakautal

Cleared winter walking paths for a gentle strolls around the village or exhilarating walks to winter beauty spots and gorgeous viewpoints. That's what winter in Styrian Krakau is all about. Easy walks to rewarding destinations like the café- restaurant at Schattensee Lake, to the Rudolf Schoberhütte mountain hut or around Prebersee Lake are true winter-wonderland highlights for all the family.

For those in search of peace and tranquility: visit the energy spots in Krakautal - places with a natural energy source.


    For more information or to register please contact the Krakautal Tourist Office.

    0 3535 8606

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-6.3° C


Fr, 13.Dezember 2019, Nachmittag -2.4° C Fr, 13.Dezember 2019 Nachmittag 4mm Niederschlag
Fr, 13.Dezember 2019, Abend -2.1° C Fr, 13.Dezember 2019 Abend 2.5mm Niederschlag
Fr, 13.Dezember 2019, Nacht -2.5° C Fr, 13.Dezember 2019 Nacht 0.1mm Niederschlag
Sa, 14.Dezember 2019, 0.6° C Sa, 14.Dezember 2019 0.7mm Niederschlag
So, 15.Dezember 2019, 2.3° C So, 15.Dezember 2019 0mm Niederschlag
Mo, 16.Dezember 2019, 3° C Mo, 16.Dezember 2019 0mm Niederschlag
Di, 17.Dezember 2019, 4.6° C Di, 17.Dezember 2019 0mm Niederschlag
Mi, 18.Dezember 2019, 5.4° C Mi, 18.Dezember 2019 0.2mm Niederschlag
Do, 19.Dezember 2019, 4.7° C Do, 19.Dezember 2019 1.7mm Niederschlag