Skiing & Snowboarding

Small and yet selective - for beginners and experts

Of course, you'll also find plenty of Alpine skiing and snowboarding slopes here in Styrian Krakau: small but selective and family-friendly pistes equipped with snow making facilities for an enjoyable skiing holiday away from the masses.  

Children, families, beginners but also experienced skiers and boarders will find challenging and interesting runs.

The Krakau FIS-Days:

At the climax of the international ski racing season Krakau plays host to the FIS ladies slalom where you can enjoy the exciting atmosphere of racing at it's best on the Krakau FIS-Days.  

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15° C


Mo, 17.Juni 2019, Nacht 12.7° C Mo, 17.Juni 2019 Nacht 0.3mm Niederschlag
Di, 18.Juni 2019, 21.5° C Di, 18.Juni 2019 3.5mm Niederschlag
Mi, 19.Juni 2019, 21.7° C Mi, 19.Juni 2019 3.5mm Niederschlag
Do, 20.Juni 2019, 24.4° C Do, 20.Juni 2019 3.7mm Niederschlag
Fr, 21.Juni 2019, 20.1° C Fr, 21.Juni 2019 9.3mm Niederschlag
Sa, 22.Juni 2019, 18.4° C Sa, 22.Juni 2019 7.2mm Niederschlag
So, 23.Juni 2019, 23.3° C So, 23.Juni 2019 0.7mm Niederschlag