Snow-shoe walks

Discover the extensive landscapes in Styrian Krakau

The wide expanses of unspoiled nature make Styrian Krakau ideal for snow-shoe walks.

The purist form of mobility in winter is snow-shoe walking. Those willing to have a go a rewarded with unforgettable scenery and breathtaking tranquility. Warm winter clothing and snow-shoes are all you need before you set off for an unforgettable experience.

Easy introductory guided snow-shoe walk:
We organise walks for novices and provide the equipment.

For more information and registration please contact the Krakautal Tourist Office on:  03535 8606

Easy introductory guided snow-shoe walk

The Krakautal Tourist Office organises hikes for novices including rental equipment.

0 3535 8606

Panorama Tour

Starting at the "Fortnerkapelle", home to the "Steirische Herrgott".

We head off to the right and follow the walking path past the "Friesenhof". Continuing along the forest path half way up the mountain we head for the "Fortnerhütte and to Oberetrach.

Route 1: We continue through Oberetrach to Unteretrach as far as the "Fortnerkapelle" shrine. Total duration: approx. 2 hrs.

Route 2: Heading off to the right along the nature trail. The trails opens up fantastic views of Krakaudorf. Total duration: approx 3 hrs.

Tour to the "Lakenkreuz"

As with the Panorama Tour, this tour takes your past the "Fortnerkapelle shrien and the "Friesenhof" to the "Lakenkreuz"...

300m after the "Friesenhof" you veer off the forest path to the left (hiking route no. 8). After a short climb you join the "Kammwanderung" route with fantastic views of the Gstoder Mountain (2140 Hm), the entire Krakautal Valley, the Dorferalm and the Etrachtal Valley. At an altitude of 1505 m you finally reach the "Lakenkreuz".
Total duration: depending on snow conditions 4 - 4:30 hrs.

Weidschober - Schattensee Tour

As with the Panorama Tour, this walk takes you past the "Fortnerkapelle" shrine and the "Friesenhof" to the "Holzerhütte"(*). From here you continue on a moderate climb to the "Paulenkreuz" summit at 1600 m...

where you can enjoy the lovely high altitude marsh landscapes and the most beautiful view of our local mountains, the Preber, Tockneralm with the two valleys, Preber and Rantental between them.

From here you continue on to the "Weidhütte" at (*)1657 m. After this you start your descent along the forest path to Schattensee Lake at 1317 m.
Duration from the "Holzerhütte" to the "Weidhütte" approx. 1:30 hrs.
Duration from the "Weidhütte" to Schattensee Lake approx. 1:30 hrs.
Total duration from Unteretrach to Schattensee Lake: depending on snow-conditions approx. 6 hrs. .

Altitude difference:
750 m ´climb and
550 m descent

(*) the restaurants are closed!

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