Bring on Samson!

On high church holidays in Krakaudorf such as Corpus Christi and St. Oswaldi Day (the first Sunday in August) The local guard of honour in their grenadier uniforms (of white trousers and green jacket from the Napoleonic era with a white sash worn across their chests and a fur hat decorated with cockadeweiße) line up for the festive procession through the streets of the village and fire salutes in honour of the 4 gospels from their historic rifles. 

Girls in white dresses carry the Modanna statures and boys in white shirts and red sashes and angels' crowns on their heads carry the baroque "Oswaldi Statues". 

In the afternoon the giant Samson parades through the village. Samson weighs 70kg, is approx. 8 metres high, has large rolling eyes and a dark beard. After each salute of honour Samson dances in tact to the band.  

The Samson figure, also widespread in the neighbouring County of Lungau, originates from a Styrian Monastery in Murau. The local Samson was probably brought to Krakau by the Italian tailor JOHANN TURASS  who settled in Krakau in 1809. Unfortunately the original Samson figure was destroyed in a fire. The second statue, known locally as "Grauperte" was ridiculed and had a very short life. The current figure "Samson the 3rd" was created by Neumann vulgo Pistrich in 1914. 

Samson is strapped to the shoulders and chest of their carriers. Quite a weight to bear and Samson's dancing movements are no small feat. Only when Samson is still can the bearers rest.

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