Ulrich Sunday

Church festival in the parish of Krakauebene

On the first Sunday in July the parish of Krakauebene celebrates the anniversary of the consecration of the local church of St. Ulrich.

The festivities start on Saturday with the tattoo played by the local brass band as they march through the village.

The riffle guard of honour plays a major part in the celebrations and it must be mentioned at this point that the guard of honour, or "Prangschützen" as they are called here, enjoy great popularity throughout the region and boast and extremely long history. The Prangeschützen are an integral part of the local culture here in Krakau. Traditionally festivals start with a salute, the riflemen wear a grenadier uniform  of white trousers and green and brown jacket from the Napoleonic era with a white sash worn across their chests and a fur hat decorated with cockade.

Having been woken up by the salute the local villagers, members of clubs and traditional associations prepare for the procession to the church for the so-called "guard of honour mass". After mass the procession is continued through the entire village. The Madonna Statues from private chapels are decorated using flowers and twigs, locally known as "Evangelkraut". The most beautiful statue is carried with pride at the front of the procession. The procession stops at the chapels dotted along the route and each time the guard of honour stands to attention.

At the end of the procession the guard of honour fire a salute and the "Evangelkraut" twigs are shared amongst the participants. The twigs are hung in the houses to protect them from storms or used for the so called “smoking of the houses” at Christmas.  

Of course the festivities do not stop here, the celebrations continue with music and dance well into the evening.


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