Water target shooting

A traditional Krakau pastime


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The legends about how water target came about in Krakau Valley is as mysterious and unusual as the sport itself: At the end of the 19th Century two poachers were out pursuing their favourite pastime. 

After an unsuccessful day's hunting they saw each other on opposite sides of Schattensee Lake. The one friend called across the lake to the other, whose reflection he could see quite clearly on the calm surface of the water. He aimed at the reflection, shot and his friend fell dead to the ground.  

A second story tells of a hay wagon pulled by yoke of oxen which broke through the ice on Prebersee Lake. The oxen were rescued but the yoke sank. Years later the yoke was found in Schattensee Lake. Locals therefore believe that the two lakes are connected  in some way underground and this explains their smoothness of the lakes' surfaces.

These tales form the foundation for a very special tradition. Targets are set up on the shores of the lake, the reflections of the target in the water are shot at from the opposite side of the lake. The projectiles skim off the surface and hit the cardboard targets. The distance is 107 metres and the bulls eye of the target is 50 cm above the water. It needs quite a bit of practice but it's possible. If you shoot directly at the target you don't stand a chance.

This unique activity can be booked in advance for groups of 25 persons or more from June to October. On request individual visitors can take part in shooting session.  


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