Holiday in a climatic spa region

The best fresh air in Austria

The healthy valley:
Years of carefully gathered records and measurements of the quality of the air as well as noise and dust partical levels have lead to the region being awarded the title "Climatic Spa Region Krakau".  Here you will find localized climatic factors which help you to sustain or recover your health while on holiday.

Here just a few examples of how it helps:

  • when convalescing after acute or chronic illnesses
  • to improve growth and development impairments
  • with convalescence and rehabilitation after accidents
  • with convalescence after injury
  • with functional cardiovascular disorder
  • for urological disorders such as dystonia and organic neurosis
  • for nervous exhaustion
  • for adult onset diabetes
  • to improve medical conditions caused by thyroid hypo-function
  • with psycho-nervous disorders
  • with insomnia and other stress related heath problems


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Bild: ©Gulbins

14.1° C


Di, 15.Oktober 2019, Abend 11.4° C Di, 15.Oktober 2019 Abend 0mm Niederschlag
Di, 15.Oktober 2019, Nacht 9.9° C Di, 15.Oktober 2019 Nacht 3.4mm Niederschlag
Mi, 16.Oktober 2019, 13° C Mi, 16.Oktober 2019 6mm Niederschlag
Do, 17.Oktober 2019, 15.7° C Do, 17.Oktober 2019 0mm Niederschlag
Fr, 18.Oktober 2019, 15° C Fr, 18.Oktober 2019 0mm Niederschlag
Sa, 19.Oktober 2019, 13.2° C Sa, 19.Oktober 2019 0.1mm Niederschlag
So, 20.Oktober 2019, 13.1° C So, 20.Oktober 2019 3.7mm Niederschlag
Mo, 21.Oktober 2019, 13.3° C Mo, 21.Oktober 2019 6.8mm Niederschlag